Singapore is home to one of the world’s most competitive economies, thanks to its conducive framework and pro-business approach. The ease of doing business aids in fostering Singapore’s efficient and pro-business environment, making it a popular destination for start-ups. From its prime location in the heart of South East Asia, Singapore is a bustling hub of commerce and industry in which businesses can confidently invest.

Boasting first-world standards of living and a stable government, Singapore presents itself as an ideal foothold in both the Asian and larger global markets, worthy of your business considerations. With the government taking consistent efforts to implement economic policies that promote international trade, it is no wonder that businesses are able to make their mark both locally and globally.

Singapore is also well-known for having a highly industrialized productive workforce that contributes to the sustainability and success of its robust economy. The Republic was ranked second in the world after Switzerland by INSEAD in its 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness index.

Under the Singapore Companies Act, a foreign company must have at least one authorised representative who is ordinarily resident in Singapore. The foreign company may commence business once it is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. For more information on registering a company in Singapore, visit ACRA

The Chamber taps on Trade Match resources to facilitate regular business networking opportunities for its members. Through activities such as ‘buyer-seller meets’ and hosting industry-specific delegations, Trade Match creates an ideal platform for members and potential partners to exchange business information and explore possible business and investment collaboration.

All profits arising in or derived from Singapore and certain foreign-sourced income from such trade, profession or business are chargeable to tax. This excludes profits arising from the sale of capital assets. Singapore is well-known for offering attractive corporate and personal tax rates that could rival other nations. The absence of capital gains tax, as well as tax relief measures continue to make Singapore as an attractive place for doing business.

The Singapore Government provides various grants and subsidies for both local and foreign companies incorporated and operating in Singapore. Some of these include co-funding start-ups, availing tax deductions and cash payouts, as well as funding capital expenditure and operating costs. Click here for more information

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