SICCI Launchpad 2022 is the name given to a competition for startup companies pitching for fame and fortune.  If you can see yourself standing in front of investors in our viewing audience apply now to be on the SICCI Launchpad 2022 show.

Launchpad is a reality show in collaboration with MediaCorp’s Vasantham. SICCI-Launchpad spotlights selected companies seeking to make its next leap providing founders the opportunity to seek investment from a circle of launchpad investors. It features a 10-episode series with a panel that includes legendary entrepreneurs and experts who ask questions, debate, and evaluate each company presentation, ultimately deciding whether to invest their money.  This will be aired on TV from January to March 2022 and will have 24 contestants. They will vie for the top five positions which will then entitle them to investments from the Investor’s Circle which will be limited to three companies. Competitors of the Launchpad series will have to be 18 years old and above, of ethnic Indian origin and be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident. And the top finalists stand to win investments of up to $250,000 dollars.

You, as a founder, will be given the unique opportunity to pitch your company to the experts in SICCI Launchpad and to many other potential investors among our viewers at home. The audience for the show is largely Indians as it is aired on Vasantham, Mediacorp.

As part of the shortlisting process, we would require the following documents which is to be declared true and correct. Please be informed that if you are shortlisted you would permit SICCI and Mediacorp to keep this information, otherwise, all information will be destroyed within 3 months after the date of submission. By making this submission you are also authorizing SICCI and Mediacorp to disclose in a confidential manner of any information supplied in this application.

You will have to attend a pre briefing session/orientation/ Media briefing on 29th or 30th December if your company is shortlisted as this is a TV broadcast program and all participants need to go through a training/briefing mandatorily.

Please note that you will have to fill up both

Form A 

Form B

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Please send in all required information by 31st December 2021 to