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SICCI organises events and programmes to meet the needs and requirements of members’ companies and businesses. They focus on key issues and developments in Singapore, the region and the rest of the world, which impact businesses. These events enable SICCI to reach out to a diverse group of members and businesses.. Attendance at these events can reach up to 500 participants, many of whom are keen on partnerships and in expanding their businesses.


Singapore Trade Associations & Chambers

International Associations

List of MoUs (2018-2020)

Venue: Marina Mandarin Hotel
Date: 11 July 2018
Validity: Indefinite


  • Joint collaboration to develop capabilities of Little India merchant
  • To adopt innovative solutions, digitalisation and manpower optimisation


  • SICCI manage operations of SME Centre@Little India as per Enterprise Singapore (ESG) requirements, providing monthly updates on the efforts and outcome on the ground
  • LISHA to lead in introductions, provide details of merchants and associations, supporting ground engagement with all merchants
  • Jointly the parties agree to bring assistance programmes to Little India merchants with the intention to improve business and processes for long term growth

SME Centre@Little India

  1. Walk the ground, understand the needs of Little India merchants
  2. Provide advisory on available assistance, resources to merchants during 1 to 1 sessions
  3. (innovating business models, digitalisation, raising finance)
  4. Meet with clusters of businesses to understand common issues
  5. Bring on board relevant agencies to address business needs
  6. Conduct capability workshops to strengthen knowledge of merchant in crucial business functions such as marketing, productivity, financial management and human resources
  7. Suggest appropriate solutions for adoption and match available government assistance to defray cost

Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Venue:: Indian Heritage Centre
Date: 29 September 2018
Validity: 3 years

To provide continuous education and training opportunities for SICCI member companies; joint programmes or projects; student internship programmes; scholarship, book prizes and sponsorship for RP students

Venue:: Fusionopolis 2, Innovis  Tower
Date: 1 October 2018
Validity: 3 years

To reach out to businesses through joint organization or support of events; partnership through ACCM and SICCI business match; collaboration on and promotion of relevant programmes that provide businesses with enhanced capabilities and skills; manpower upgrading, knowledge and skills transfer



National Library Board
Validity: Yet to Sign

Both Parties will agree to collaborate on programmes, cross-promotion of content and information exchanges

To collaborate on three general areas:

  1. Facilitate knowledge and information exchange to enhance understanding of emerging trends such as new growth industries, business and economic developments in Asia particularly in India.
  2. Joint-organisation and/or support of relevant programmes to promote the awareness of opportunities for internationalisation in Asia particularly in India, to reach out to targeted audiences. This includes providing speakers to share on developments, potential career and attachment opportunities overseas at the NLB events.
  3. Cross-promote content and programmes where appropriate to generate awareness on useful platforms and relevant resources available at both institutions to support lifelong learning.

Singapore Indian Development Association
Status: Yet to Sign
Validity: 2 years


  1. To identify strategic partnerships with Indian businessmen, industry partners to develop internship and employment opportunities for Singapore Indian youth studying at post-secondary institutions.
  2. Create internship opportunities for Indian youth enrolled in post-secondary institutions through meaningful work assignments and industry exposure to help them make better career choices.

SICCI will garner support from the business community in donating funds towards SINDA’s ‘Back to School Festival’ and bursaries and offer internship opportunities to the Indian youths enrolled in post-secondary institutions

SINDA will outreach to the Indian community to identify the target youths from post-secondary institutions for these initiatives.

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