The French Cellar offers an easy and accessible platform for members to embark on the best French wine experience, delivered to their doorstep every month. Each wine comes with tasting guides and pairing ideas for Singaporeans to understand the wines they receive. Members can also enjoy various member benefits such as free corkage at The French Cellar’s partner restaurants, a discount from the online store and birthday treats.

SICCI members enjoy:

There will be a 3+1 wine subscription for the members in 2019. This means that for every 3 month subscription purchased, members will be receiving a 4th month for free. 

Upon signing up, members will receive 2 bottles of French wines delivered directly to their door step for the next 4 months.

Vineyard Gems
Discovery of hidden vineyards. Most popular plan.
$324 for 3+1 month

Tasting Voyage
Renowned wineries and appellations for avid wine drinkers.
$564 for 3 + 1 month

Grand Crus
Limited edition wines for wine experts.
$984 for 3 + 1 month