7 June 2022

Dear Eligible Ordinary Member,


After reviewing all submissions, the decisions of the Scrutinising Committee (SC) are as follows:

1. Number of Nominations, Withdrawal of Nominations & Disqualification of Nominees
A total of 24 nominations were received. However, with reference to Article 24(c), 24(j), and 67 of the Chamber’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, three (3) nominations were disqualified. Thus, a total of 21 valid nominations remained. The Honorary Secretary has received four (4) nomination withdrawals before 5:00pm on 7th June 2022. Hence 17 positions, including four (4) Office Bearer positions are uncontested.

2. Elections Not Necessary
With reference to Articles 19(a) of the Chamber’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, as the number of eligible nominations received, exactly matches the number of positions available, there is no need to hold an election.

All valid nominees are therefore declared elected to their respective positions on the SICCI’s Board of Directors, for the term 2022-2024. (Please refer to Annex A for the list of candidates declared elected for the term 2022-2024.)

Thank you and warmest regards,



Dinesh Singh
Honorary Secretary / Chief Executive Officer
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Annex A : List of candidates eligible and declared elected for the term 2022-2024

S/N Position Name Company Name
1 Chairman Neil Parekh Nimil Rajnikant GNC Aqua Culture Pte Ltd
2 Vice-Chairman – 1  Zahabar Ali Allisun Asahi LLP
3 Vice-Chairman – 2 Maniam M S Seagull Pte Ltd
4 Honorary Treasurer Ramasamy Jayapal South East Global Impex Pte Ltd
5 Director Bagaria Rajan Arvee International Pte Ltd
6 Director Janakaraj Jeyakumar Adani Global Pte Ltd
7 Director Jayanthi d/o Ponnasamy Manian Securistate Pte Ltd
8 Director Mahendran Minisamy Tech Onshore MEP-Prefabricators Pte Ltd
9 Director Mandeep Singh Nalwa Vida Tecnhologies Pte Ltd
10 Director Maneesh Tripathi Infortust Singapore Pte Ltd
11 Director Murali Krishnan Rangan SSA18 Capital Pte Ltd
12 Director Parthiban s/o Murugaiyan Ishtara Jewellery Pte Ltd
13 Director Purnima Madhukar Kamath De Ideaz Pte Ltd
14 Director Rajakumar s/o Chandra Jothi Store & Flower Shop
15 Director Rajaram Muralli Raja Network Capital Pte Ltd
16 Director Sanjey Chandran Chandroo CSD Vetures Corp Pte Ltd
17 Director Yahiya Khan Bigfoot Logistics Pte Ltd

Note: Names are in alphabetical order for positions on the Board of Directors.

Email sent to all members on 31st May 2022: Election to the 2022/24 Board of Directors & Proxy Form

Dear Members

Greetings!  We are pleased to present the Candidates for Election to the 2022/24 Board of Directors.

We congratulate the four candidates for the office bearer positions who have been unopposed.  Please find the attached list of the office bearers, and the list of the 15 candidates seeking election for the 13 director positions that are available.

The election is scheduled for 10 June 2022 from 10am to 5pm.  As per article 24(h) do note that only Ordinary Members are eligible to cast their votes.

Should the Ordinary Member be unable to vote in person, as per Article 52 of the SICCI Constitution, please use the Proxy Form attached.  The completed Proxy Form must be submitted to SICCI office 72 Hours prior to Election Day i.e., Tuesday 7 June 2022 by 12 noon.  The Secretariat will validate the eligibility of the proxy and inform the Ordinary Member accordingly.

Should you require any clarification please email

Thank you.



Dinesh Singh
Honorary Secretary / Chief Executive Officer
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Proxy Form

Candidates for Election to SICCI 2022_2024 Board of Directors


Announcement on the closing of nominations for SICCI Elections 2022
Eligible members
Important Dates

6th to 20th April

Duly completed nomination forms MUST be dropped in the nomination box by 5.00 PM on the 20th of April 2022, Wednesday.

Know your Customer- KYC 27th April to 24th May
Campaign 31st May to 7th June
Voting 10th of June
Elections Information Packets
Official Announcement of Nomination Start Date and QnA Session
Questions & Answers

Do you need a letter from a doctor certifying you are medically fit?

Certification is not required. We are asking nominees to publicly declare that they are medically fit and state if they are undergoing any consultation for mental health issues.


I am an Ordinary Individual Member. Can the proposer or seconder be from a Corporate Member or Ordinary Individual member?

The proposer and Seconder must be a SICCI member, regardless Ordinary or Corporate.


Can I submit an electronic copy of the completed nomination form with digital signatures?

Scrutinizing committee will not accept electronic submissions.


Can the photograph be a digital copy or studio-taken hard-copy?

Standard passport photo as it will ensure picture quality as the photo will be posted on the website subsequently for submission for any position. Click here to see passport photo guidelines.


Is the EMERITUS personnel able to again file the nomination for any of the same positions?

The Constitution does not expressly bar an Emeritus from offering to be nominated for elected office, the spirit of the Constitution eschews the Emeritus from doing so.


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